ARNOLD CREATIVE SERVICES offers photo retouching. Unlike photo restoration, retouching isn't about repairing damaged or discolored photos, it is about improving an intact photo. When you love a photo but it doesn't seem to "do you justice," retouching is the answer. Should the lips be redder, the eyes bluer, the skin softer? Do you want a blemish, mole, wart or wrinkle removed? We can do it -- without plastic surgery!

Basic Retouching includes:
• removal of facial glare
• removal of stray hairs
• removal of skin blemishes
• correction of background imperfections
• whitening of teeth and eyes
• correction of image exposure
ONLY $15 (plus prints, if requested)*

Enhanced Retouching includes:
All "Basic Retouching" services, plus . . .
• removal of dental braces
• eyeglass glare removal
• head swap
• opening eyes
• extending the background
• correction of moderate lense flare
• correction of moderate hot spots
• background changed to solid color
• spot coloring (all B&W except 1 object)
ONLY $25 (plus prints, if requested)*

Advanced Retouching includes:
All "Basic Retouching" & "Enhanced Retouching" services, plus . . .
• change color of clothing
• change background to new image
• add or remove people
• remove buildings, cars, objects
• correction of extreme lense flare
• correction of extreme hot spots
• take off 10 years, 20 lbs, etc.
• anything else except damage repair
ONLY $35 (plus prints, if requested)*

* Prices do not include shipping fee and sales tax, if applicable.

We offer discounts for multiple images submitted at the same time. Please contact us for details.

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