ARNOLD CREATIVE SERVICES offers both photo compositing and photo montage. What's the difference? Look at the examples below.

The project on the LEFT is a composite. A composite is when we take two or more images and combine them to create an entirely new "composite" image. In effect, we completely change the past, by putting subjects in places they never were or by adding or removing subjects or elements. This can be done for personal or commercial reasons.

The two projects featured in the lower right corner of the ad below are montages. A montage is basically an eye-pleasing digital collage of photos or other elements. If this is what you had in mind, CLICK HERE!

Composites start at just $35 for individual composites, not including prints, shipping and sales tax, if applicable.

We do offer quantity pricing for commercial projects that involve multiple composites.
Contact us for a free estimate on your photo compositing project.

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